AN IMMERSIVE Performance
by Door 1 immersive

Closed Door

Hear true stories of domestic violence, reenacted wholly inside a Paris apartment.

a play against domestic violence

Responding to the rising domestic violence and femicide, the company Door 1 Immersive introduces the play “Closed Door”.
Through the unique lens of immersive theater, we unveil the reality behind an abusive relationship.

This project is a collaboration among Paris' top art & cultural institutions.


You're invited to a birthday DINNER party, where unsettling truth unravels...

The young couple Jack and Emily recently moved to Paris, and are throwing a party for Jack's birthday! The audience are invited to the party, where they realize that things are not as perfect as they seem.

Based on real accounts of domestic violence, the play allows the audience to witness the hidden reality of an abusive relationship behind closed door.

*This performance explores the emotional and psychological aspects of domestic abuse and does not portray any physical violence.

The performance takes place inside a real apartment, offering an immersive experience.

Seated together in a dining table of fifteen, the audience will be watching the interactions between Emily and Jack. The surrounding spaces and decors will be interactive, inviting the audiences to notice clues and hidden messages.

* The audience may choose to actively interact with the performers and their surroundings, or sit comfortably and watch the events.

jack & emily seem like everyone else. would you notice anything if they talk to you?

Jack & Emily are the perfect couple to everyone's eyes. They just moved to Paris through a once-in-a-lifetime job offer. In a new city, isolated and far away from home, the couple find themselves facing new difficult feelings.

Emily Miller, 27
Freelance Journalist
Jack Sierra, 27
App Developer



Two therapists who are present throughout the show will lead a short debrief session.

The audience can express their thoughts on the stories and learn more about the issue.


Performance Duration: 60 minutes
Debrief Duration: 15-30 minutes
Language: English
Date: 1st, 2nd & 3rd October 2020-
Time: 2 Performances each day at 16h30 and 20h00
Maximum 10 participants/ Show


We are happy to partner with No2Violence- an organisation devoted to helping victims of domestic violence.

Any extra profit gained will be given directly to the organisation and other women shelters in Paris.


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